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Got Your Coaching Assignment? Begin By Organizing Your WHO!


Did You Get Your Coaching Assignment for the year?

Each time I approach the organization of a task and even the planning of a professional learning session, I start my brainstorming by seeking to understand the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of it. When it comes to organizing my coaching work I have a similar approach, but I begin by gaining a broader picture of WHO I am responsible for coaching and supporting. 

For coaches to truly know who they are responsible for coaching and supporting, which ensures that no teacher is left behind and without connection to their coach, a coach needs to begin their year off by deepening their awareness of WHO is under their coaching wing. I have found a simple strategy for targeting this very idea for coaches when they first get their coaching assignments for the school year. 

In this episode [vlog/podcast] coaches will learn a strategy for gaining a broader awareness of who they are responsible for coaching and supporting, allowing them to zoom out from a macro view of coaching to a micro view of coaching. I will introduce coaches to the drill-down ability feature found in Your Coaches Corner’s Digital Coaching Cabinet, an organization system for coaches to track & organize their coaching work, that can help coaches capture the many educators and teams that they are responsible for coaching and supporting.

In the next episode, I will share with you how I plan to use the system that now has each of my educators entered to keep track of the touchpoints I have with them at the beginning of the year, but also throughout the year during coaching cycles!

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