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Episode 2: Tracking Coaching Touchpoints From Day ONE!


As the school year is kicking off, teachers are slowly making their way into their classrooms and beginning to do the needed work with their teams. So what will I be doing as a coach? Yes, you guessed it. I am currently building relationships at my new campus, building relationships with the newer teachers at my former campus that I am now supporting as well this year, and even checking back in with those teachers that I have relationships with and have worked with in the past. These check-ins when starting my year off are called coaching touchpoints.

What I have figured out over time is that each time I have a conversation with a team or teacher where I am either supporting, giving ideas, discussing resources, or discussing student achievement, these are nuggets of coaching. These are small yet important interactions where we have had a point of contact with an educator that will slowly build their relationship, trust, and capacity.

So here it is y’all! Start your year off by finding a way to keep track of your coaching touchpoints; all of the interactions and points of contact that you have with your educators. But WHY you might ask! Well, by keeping track of your coaching touchpoints it provides you with great qualitative & quantitative data that can be used to reflect upon later!

Think about it like this! Each time you visit a teacher to learn about them during the beginning of the year-track it! Add it into your coaching platform under their educator's profile. Each time they stop you in the hall to ask you questions about room arrangement, track it! Each time they have a quick conversation on Google Hangouts with you about that new resource, track it! You see, the information you obtain from tracking coaching touchpoints can be used in a number of ways! Buuttt before we get into the data aspect of tracking coaching touchpoints and how you can use that data to inform your practice, let me talk to you about HOW to track them first.  

Nowadays I am using the Your Coaches Corner Digital Coaching Cabinet to track my coaching touchpoints (among other things). Like I mentioned earlier, each touchpoint, interaction, point of contact or whatever you want to call it, gets tracked! No matter how small it is or how small you may think it may seem, you track it because it is YOUR coaching evidence! YOU and only YOU know the extent of the coaching that occurred, and if it did, YOU TRACK IT!

What this looks like when using a platform such as Your Coaches Corner Digital Coaching Cabinet, each educator will have a profile or detail page. This profile houses anything and everything connected to that educator’s coaching history. As a coach, I want to know what I’ve done with them historically over time. At various points in the year I am going to have touchpoints with each of my educators and groups of educators (also called teams). Their touchpoints may occur when they are not engaging in a coaching cycle with me. Once we are working through a formal or informal coaching cycle, those touchpoints are going to have their own affiliation to that coaching cycle, but for today let’s stick to what we call General Coaching Touchpoints, which are not associated with a given coaching cycle.  

All I have to do is go to the educator or groups detail page, or their profile, click 'add a touchpoint' enter the touchpoint’s information such as the date, the type of touchpoint, which can be anything from a hallway conversation, survey, voxer chat, text chat, classroom visit, email check in, honestly any type of contact you have that is of coaching value. I also want to add and track any notes about that touchpoint, so that I can refer to it later as needed. It is also very helpful to track the outcomes of the touchpoint and any next steps that you all discussed. By tracking each touchpoint and tagging it to the educator's profile or detail page, I have added valuable qualitative data that I can refer back to later. 

BUT what if you choose to not use a platform, such as Your Coaches Corner Digital Coaching Cabinet as I did? How would you track your coaching touchpoints? I am so glad you asked! There are a couple of great ways to do this same thing. Remember how we talked about creating a drilldown-able folder system in Google Drive? Well, what you can do is create a simple Google Doc or Google Sheets document that does the same thing! Within each educator and group folder, make a Google Doc called Coaching Touchpoint Log. Add columns for the date, touchpoint type, notes, and outcomes & next steps. And there you go! You will have an ongoing history of the various touchpoints and interactions you have with your educators or groups of educators. You may consider making a master version of the log, so that you can simply make a copy of each time you begin having touchpoints with a different educator or group then saving it to their folder.

So here is your task before our next episode! I want you to find a system for tracking YOUR coaching touchpoints. Whether that be that you sign up for a Digital Coaching Cabinet with Your Coaches Corner and track touchpoints on the educator and group’s of educators detail or profile page OR you create a simple Google Doc or Google Sheet document for your educators and groups- YOUR action step is to find YOUR system and begin tracking those touchpoints from DAY ONE!

Share in the comments of this blog, in the comments of the podcast, or even in the Your Coaches Corner FB group for instructional Coaches. I want to see and hear about what you come up with during the in-between time of our episodes. 

During the follow up episode, I will share with you my own coaching touchpoint data and how I can use the information collected as data to improve my coaching practice AND as evidence of my coaching when speaking with my stakeholders!

Grab Your Coaching Touchpoint Logs here!



Check out how you can track your touchpoints on Your Coaches Corner's Digitial Coaching Cabinet, with Google Docs, and Google Sheets!

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