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Posted By Sam Shields On 01/24/2022 at 08:30 am

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Since the COVID Pandemic, coaches have had to get ‘creative’ when it comes to their coaching practices! 

One coaching tool that's been around for a bit, but has recently become more known in the last two years  is Video Coaching! 

Now that educators are more familiar with seeing themselves or others on video, they tend to be more open to using video when working with an instructional coach.

Read to find out how coaches & educators can utilize video coaching during their partnerships!

Video Coaching as an Effective Coaching Tool:

Using Video Coaching Tools During Coaching Partnerships

I don’t know about you, but since the pandemic first began I’ve become more acquainted with using video in my practice and more comfortable with seeing myself on video. I remember when I was in my 3rd year of teaching and the instructional coach on my campus was going through her own instructional coach training. She came to see me during a planning period one day and mentioned that she was seeking to try out  what she had been reading about when it came to video coaching. She asked what I would like to do my lesson on, she mentioned that we would be the only ones to see the video, and that once we both had the chance to view the video we would use her debriefing questions to see how it went and determine next steps. 

At that point in my teaching career the thought of recording myself, having others see me teach on video, and watching myself on video - did not seem appealing. I share this with you because although the pandemic shook our way of thinking and doing things at a very rapid pace, there is a silver lining that has evolved because of it when it comes to coaching. 

Today in 2022, teachers don't see video calls and teaching on camera as intimidating as they once did. As coaches, we can capitalize on this change in thinking and embrace it when we are in coaching partnerships with educators. Coaches can use Video Coaching Tools to make the most of their coaching practice by taking advantage of reflection and learning opportunities, which can improve their overall impact on teacher and student learning. 

Your Coaches Corner, a digital instructional coaching platform, provides coaches with a Video Coaching Library, which is a digital space to collaborate with their educators through a two-way coaching experience. With these Video Coaching Tools, coaches can opt to invite their educator(s) to use the video portion of the platform in tandem with them (for FREE)  to upload videos, categorize videos, share videos, provide time-stamped feedback within the video streams, determine next steps based on their findings, and even chat. 

Below are just a few examples of how instructional coaches can take advantage of Video Coaching Tools to enhance their coach and coachee partnerships no matter how far the distance is between them!

Lesson Observations

Coaches can have the teachers and/or themselves record a portion of a given lesson or day that is the focus of their goal. By uploading the video into a digital platform the coach and educator(s) can each view the video from their own account, add comments and/or time-stamped feedback directly into the video stream, and plan next steps based on the lesson observation. Some comment examples could be wonders, questions, noticings, and/or affirmative/corrective feedback.

Micro-Modeling of Lessons

Coaches and educators may elect to have the coach model a small portion of a given lesson. Video coaching allows for the micro-modeling of lessons to be recorded and captured for all parties to go back to and discuss at a later time. For coaches, it provides a digital space to categorize various mico-models they capture in order to be able to share them with other educators they support. Providing educators with the feature to comment noticings, while viewing the model is a great reflection tool! 


Maybe an educator and coach have recently discussed trying out a new strategy that may lead to success with their goal. Sharing video clip examples of fellow educators, coaches, or experts utilizing the strategy is a powerful practice to help educators feel successful. With Video Coaching Tools coaches and educators can upload video clips of the chosen strategy to view and comment on, leading to them making adjustments to their implementation. Once the teacher implements the strategy, they can even upload and share those videos to reflect upon!

Student Engagement

Keeping students engaged throughout lessons can be cumbersome at times for teachers. With Video Coaching Tools, coaches and educators can capture segments of lessons and view them with an outside perspective to see the overall student engagement that is occuring. When educators are teaching, they are not able to see everything that is happening in the room. With the benefits of Video Coaching Tools, coaches can provide their educators with an observer's perspective and a space to safely reflect on the findings.

Here is your challenge!

Think for a moment about how you could begin embracing the comfort of video in your coaching to increase the success and learning experience of your educators. Share in the comments below other ways you foresee coaches using Video Coaching Tools in their practice!

I challenge you to sign up for your own Digital Coaching Cabinet with Your Coaches Corner to see just how our Video Coaching Tools can support your current and future coaching partnerships. 

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