Closing Out & Reflecting On Your Coaching Year W/ Resilience 🔆


Posted By Sam Shields On 05/18/2022 at 01:00 pm

Your Coaching Tip

Your Coaching Tip:

Closing out & reflecting on your coaching year w/ resilience 🔆

The past two years have tested our coaching abilities, our teaching abilities, our emotional health and well-being, as well as our ability to embrace resilience. 

We can choose to look at the challenges from this year as headaches of the past, or we can choose to look at them as lessons to inform the future!

Time to coach yourself . .

☑️ What went well this year for you as a coach?

☑️ What was a challenge for you this year as a coach?

☑️ Based on the challenges you experienced this year, how can you use them to help you set a coaching goal for yourself next year?

☑️ In order for you to be successful with your personal coaching goal next year, how would you define your success criteria to get there?

☑️ What is ONE thing that you can do this summer to set yourself up for success in reaching your personal coaching goal?

To coach takes a special person!

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