Your Coaching Tip: Always Remain Coachable 🏈


Posted By Sam Shields On 05/24/2022 at 04:15 pm

Your Coaching Tip

Your Coaching Tip:

Always Remain Coachable 🏈

Coaching others is a beautiful process to be a part of. Coaching challenges the thinking of others, including ourselves; helping us to reflect, grow, change, and continue learning. 

When others invite you in to coach them, they are embracing the discomfort of change in order to help them be and feel successful. 

For others to understand the value of coaching, WE as coaches, should remain COACHABLE ourselves; modeling for others that even when we are facing the uncomfortableness of change, we can maintain a growth mindset attitude ourselves. 

One of the first questions we ask ourselves about potential coaching candidates is, “are they coachable?” Not every coach will know all of the content. Not every coach will have a lavish coaching background with years of experience coming in, BUT if they are coachable, they can learn it and that’s what counts! 

Time to coach yourself . . .

☑️ What does it mean to be coachable?

☑️ How do YOU show that you are coachable?

☑️ How do you know when others are coachable?

☑️ Why would coachability be important when hiring and onboarding new coaches?

☑️ What is ONE small shift you can make within yourself to improve your own coachability mindset?

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