The All-In-One Coaching Planner


Posted By Sam Shields On 06/15/2022 at 10:00 am

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The All-In-One Coaching Planner

As coaches ourselves, we at Your Coaches Corner have been learning about supportive organization & tracking strategies for deep coaching impact, through trial and error in the field. We've tested various ‘types’ of coaching resources and tools to see which could best support instructional coaches in thinking purposefully about their coaching goals and work.

We also reflected and understand that not all coaches prefer to organize and track their coaching via a digital coaching platform like our Digital Coaching Cabinet. So, for the last year, we’ve been developing a more tactile tool for instructional coaches to use in conjunction with our Digital Coaching Cabinet or in lieu to organize their coaching work. Our latest tool keeps the unique needs and work of instructional coaching at the forefront!

Starting the planner out with a section for coaches to think through those that coaches are responsible for coaching and supporting, to then being broken down by the months of the year, The All-In-One Coaching Planner is filled with undated-calendar pages for each week and month of the year. The All-In-One Coaching Planner also provides timely coaching tips and appropriate coaching activities specific to the time of the year, to encourage coaches to think proactively about their practice.

Coaching Planner Theme

Our first Coaching Planner was created with a ‘retro theme’ in mind; with two cover color options to choose from (blue or pink retro cover). Our hope is to be able to create additional planner themes in the coming months! 

All About My Coaching Section

We have compiled several resources in the first section of the planner to support coaches in beginning the thought process of organizing their coaching work. This section asks coaches to think through those they are responsible for coaching and supporting from a macro level (big picture view) to a micro level (small picture view).  Resources included are:

  • Community Groups and Associated Campuses
  • Educators by Primary & Secondary Campuses
  • Educator Birthdays
  • Holidays & Important Dates
  • Weekly Coaching Routine
  • And Coaching Core Values, Why, & Goals

Monthly Sections

Each monthly section was built in the same manner over the span of 12-months. Each month’s section includes:

  • Undated Monthly Calendar Pages
  • Important Information Page
  • This Month’s Goals to Accomplish
  • 5-Weeks with Sunday through Saturday Undated Planning Sheets, including To Do lists for each day
  • Notes Pages
  • Coaching Tips and/or Activities for the Corresponding Month

The All-In-One Coaching Planner is available now with the choice of a Blue Retro Cover or Pink Retro Cover.

The downloadable PDF consists of 230 pages and is a print-at-home file.

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